About the Venture Capital Opportunities Fund

Venture capital is ordinarily the province of high net worth and sophisticated investors by virtue of the large individual capital commitments required and as a result of the high risk profile of such investments. Through the Venture Capital Opportunities Fund, individual investors will now have the opportunity to gain exposure to Square Peg Capital’s newest fund, Square Peg Fund II, which will target investments in a range of early stage businesses at the outset of their growth trajectory.

The manager for SPFII is passionate about the ability of technology to change and disrupt the world and also about encouraging entrepreneurs to be able to develop and grow their businesses. Venture capital involves taking equity stakes in embryonic or start-up businesses to provide capital and expertise to assist them to successfully launch, grow, and extend their product or service to establish a thriving company.

The manager for SPFII has considerable experience identifying strong, early stage business potential, having invested in more than 30 technology ventures as at 31 May 2018. In selecting companies, the manager for SPFII focusses on businesses:

  • that have outstanding leadership teams;
  • where the founders are driven to solve problems;
  • that understand their markets and have built an advantage that places them ahead of their competitors; and
  • that have the ability to achieve scale and value over the longer term.