About the Venture Capital Opportunities Fund

The Fund’s objective is to invest in Square Peg Fund II, with a view to provide Unitholders with the potential for capital growth over a long term investment horizon through exposure to technology and disruptive companies in the venture capital stage of development focused predominantly in Australia, Israel, and South-East Asia.

Key advantages of investing in the Venture Capital Opportunities Fund include:

  • Exposure to a high quality and experienced venture capital investor
    The manager for SPFII, Square Peg Capital Pty Ltd (manager of SPFII), has a management team with vast collective experience. 
  • Diversification benefits
    Venture capital returns have historically demonstrated low correlation with other asset classes. Investing in venture capital may also help reduce risks in connection with technology disruption in other asset classes.
  • Access to technology markets through a multi-geographic approach
    The multi-geographic approach of Square Peg Fund II provides the opportunity for investors to access a broader set of opportunities and mitigates the risk of a single geographic approach.
  • Upside valuation potential to investing in venture capital
    Investing in early stage venture capital companies creates potential valuation upside and the potential for exposure to some exciting trends and companies from across the world.
  • Convenient investment platform
    Venture capital is ordinarily the province of high net worth and sophisticated investors by virtue of the large individual capital commitments required and as a result of the high risk profile of such investments.


Like all investments, an investment in the Venture Capital Opportunities Fund carries risk which may result in the loss of income or principle invested. In addition to the general risks of investing, specific risk associated with investing in the Fund include, but is not limited to, investee failure risk, investment performance risk, high risk investment, unlisted underlying investments risk, partly paid unit risk, and failure to meet capital calls. For further information about the risks of investing in the Fund please refer to Section 5 of the PDS.